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John Oertel
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Early success coupled by a lot of hard work helped elevate John & Nicole's career and ultimately led to the expansion of their client base and the success of The Oertel Group

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Why Compass

The Oertel Group joined Compass in 2018. Compass approached us and after a couple meetings we knew this is where we belonged.
We knew that this would allow us to service our clients in a way we could only imagine with other brokerage firms.

Compass has raised $1.2 billion in capital using a model supported by prestigious backers from across the globe—from prominent venture capital firms to real estate leaders to high-net worth private partners. Our investors have a track record of supporting world-class technology companies, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter,  Airbnb, Uber, and Lyft. With this financing, we have been able to invest in the best technology and recruit top talent across every discipline to build a once-in-a-generation company that is revolutionizing real estate and do so while remaining debt-free to this day.

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Heralded as one of the most innovative Realtors in the Chicagoland area, The Oertel Group is laden with accomplishments.

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